Heavy Lift Multirotor UAV - Electric Propulsion Unit Experimental Data

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Denis Kotarski
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Fri, 07/07/2023 - 04:46
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Experimental measurement data was obtained utilizing RCbenchmark 1780 with full-range PWM signals. Measurements were made for two series of setups.

First series is related to low-voltage setups using the following T-MOTOR components: - motors: MN4014 400Kv, MN5212 340Kv, MN501-S 360Kv, U7 280Kv, MN6007 320Kv, P60 340Kv, MN701-S 280Kv; - ESC: Air 40A, Flame 40A, Flame 70A, Alpha 60A, Flame 100A; - propellers: P17×5.8, P18×6.1, P20×6, P22×6.6, P24×7.2, G26×8.5; - battery: 6-cell (6S) Lithium polymer (LiPo).

The second series is related to high-voltage setups using the following T-MOTOR components: - motors: AG1005 90Kv, U11 120Kv, P80 100Kv, U12 120Kv, U13 130Kv; - ESC: Flame 60A, Alpha 80A, Alpha 120A, Flame 180A; - propellers: G26×8.5, G28×9.2, G30×10.5, G32×11.0; - battery: 12-cell (12S) (LiPo).


The dataset consists of two folders representing two series of setups (low voltage - LV, high voltage - HV). In each folder, there are 14 subfolders for each setup (S01-S14). In each subfolder, there are three .csv files, for three measurements of each setup. The 1st measurement (M1) is for an initial voltage of 4.2 V/cell, the M2 is 4V/cell and the M3 is 3.8V/cell.