This dataset contains light-field microscopy images and converted sub-aperture images. 


The folder with the name "Light-fieldMicroscopeData" contains raw light-field data. The file LFM_Calibrated_frame0-9.tif contains 9 frames of raw light-field microscopy images which has been calibrated. Each frame corresponds to a specific depth. The 9 frames cover a depth range from 0 um to 32 um with step size 4 um. Files with name LFM_Calibrated_frame?.png are the png version for each frame.


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    Thu, 02/27/2020 - 10:07

    RECOVERY-FA19 dataset is established for development and evaulation of retinal vessel detection algorithms in fluorescein angiography (FA). RECOVERY-FA19 provides ultra-widefield FA images acquired using Optos California P200DTx camera and labeled binary vessel maps.

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