This set of data provides test results for designers and facility operators to apply in determining the arc-flash hazard distance and the incident energy to which employees could be exposed during their work on or near electrical equipment. 

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    This Dataset consist of 3Dmodels in Spherical harmonic coefficients andcorresponding shortcut of front view, the SH degree is 80.

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    Monitoring cell viability and proliferation in real-time provides a more comprehensive picture of the changes cells undergo during their lifecycle than can be achieved using traditional end-point assays. Our lab has developed a CMOS biosensor that monitors cell viability through high-resolution capacitance measurements of cell adhesion quality. The system consists of a 3 × 3 mm2 chip with an array of 16 sensors, on-chip digitization, and serial data output that can be interfaced with inexpensive off-the-shelf components.

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    The following RGB image dataset was experimentally collected using a wearable camera system and postprocessed for image classification of different walking environments conducive to controlling autonomous lower-limb biomechatronic devices (e.g., prostheses and exoskeletons). Approximately 34,254 sampled RGB images were collected and individually labelled. 
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    Device Fingerprinting for Access Control over a Campus and Isolated Network Device Fingerprinting (DFP) is a technique to identify devices using Inter-Arrival Time (IAT) of packets and without using any other unique identifier. Our experiments include generating graphs of IATs of 100 packets and using Convolutional Neural Network on the generated graphs to identify a device. We did two experiments where the first experiment was on Raspberri Pi and other experiment was on crawdad dataset. First Experiment: Raspberry Pi We developed a packet sniffer application to capture IAT of packets.

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    Four cases of colposcopy data, which are Normal, CIN1, CIN2/3, Cervical Cancer respectively. (a) Sequential images photographed after applying acetic acid to the cervix uteri epithelium. (b) Image photographed after using green lens. (c) Image photographed applying compound iodine solution.

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    This dataset is a human blood smear section FPM dataset for testing the performance of colorful FPM reconstruction. The subdirectories 'R', 'G'  and 'B ' contain images corresponding to red, green and blue light with 30ms exposure time. The subdirectory 'W' contains the multiplex images with 10ms exposure time. The subdirectory 'K' contains one dark-frame for using dark-frame denoising method. The subdirectory '20X' contains high-resolution images captured with a 20X objective lens for comparison.

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