This dataset contains simulation values from thermo-mechanical finite element analysis simulations using ABAQUS.  Each simulation is one of 192 unique process parameter settings which includes varying laser power, scan speed, layer height and cooling assumptions. The geometry for each simulation is a hollow rectangluar box with rounded corners such that they form semi-circles. The wall thickness of each simulation is exactly the width of the focused laser.


This data set is a data set used for aircraft theoretical velocity ranking. Four sensors are randomly arranged in a 1*1 square map, and three aircraft will fly over the map coverage area at the same time. The velocity of the aircraft is simulated by a random process. The theoretical velocities of the three aircraft are similar, and the velocity of the aircraft will be disturbed during actual flight, causing large fluctuations, so that it is difficult to distinguish the theoretical velocity order of the aircraft flying into the map.


In the realm of real-time communications, WebRTC-based multimedia applications are increasingly prevalent as these can be smoothly integrated within Web browsing sessions. The browsing experience is then significantly improved concerning scenarios where browser add-ons and/or plug-ins are used; still, the end user's Quality of Experience (QoE) in WebRTC sessions may be affected by network impairments, such as delays and losses.


CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Tests to Tell Computers and Humans Apart). Only humans can successfully complete this test; current computer systems cannot. It is utilized in several applications for both human and machine identification. Text-based CAPTCHAs are the most typical type used on websites. Most of the letters in this protected CAPTCHA script are in English, it is challenging for rural residents who only speak their native tongues to pass the test.


4G LTE long-term mobile communications drive test data set. DOI: https://doi.org/10.15783/6gc4-y070

A data set of active 4G LTE measurements via repeated drive tests that covers two years on a typical highway section of 25km length in Austria and contains 267198 data points in total. Each data point includes signal quality metrics, GPS position, GPS time, and instantaneous data rate.

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Salzbury Research (SRFG)

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to predict the Energy consumption in Fuel Cell

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Anomaly detection is a well-known topic in cybersecurity. Its application to the Internet of Things can lead to suitable protection techniques against problems such as denial of service attacks.


This data set contains measurements on reading and writing data to OPC UA servers directly and via REST and GraphQL interfaces. Each measurement is conducted 1000 times. Measurements include reading a single value and reading 50 values. Measurements using cache server were also performed. Measurement data is collected with Wireshark and the .csv files are exported from it. in addition, .txt files contain request execution times recorded by the client.