time of flight

This dataset contains pathloss and ToA radio maps generated by the ray-tracing software WinProp from Altair. The dataset allows to develop and test the accuracies of pathloss radio map estimation methods and localization algorithms based on RSS or ToA in realistic urban scenarios. More details on the datasets can be found in the dataset paper: https://arxiv.org/abs/2212.11777.


Conventionally, the texture of the object is used for material imaging. However, this method can mistake an image of an object, for the object itself. This dataset furthers a new and more relevant method to classify the material of an object. This data is richer, compared to RGB images, because the time of flight responses correlate with the material property of an object. This makes the features, thus extracted, more suitable to infer the material information.


This paper reports on optical time-of-flight as a detection mode for soft optical deformation sensors. In this work, low-cost miniature light detection and ranging (LiDAR) chips recently developed for consumer mobile device applications perform real-time optical reflectometry at cm scales in soft optical waveguide networks. Our methodscomplement existing work by capturing spatial information that is lost with amplitude-only measurements.