We proposed a new dataset, HazeRD, for benchmarking dehazing algorithms under realistic haze conditions. As opposed to prior datasets that made use of synthetically generated images or indoor images with unrealistic parameters for haze simulation, our outdoor dataset allows for more realistic simulation of haze with parameters that are physically realistic and justified by scattering theory. 


I) Installation:Unzip the source code archive. This will create a sub-directory "HazeRD", which is intended to be the directory where you run the MATLAB script. II(a) HazeRD Dataset Generation:Run script demo_simu_haze.m to generate the HazeRD datasetII(b) Computing fidelity metrics for dehazed images with respect to originals:Run script demo_metrics.m to compute the fidelity metrics for dehazed images.Please see the README.txt for detailed instructions.