data synthesis

We obtained this dataset as part of a project to generate a realistic speed profile on a trip specified by GPS coordinates. Specifically, we focused on generating the speed profile for a passenger car traveling on an unfamiliar route, i.e., a route the machine-learning model has yet to see.  

The dataset contains 5973 rides of five different passenger cars, with a total length of 9049.3 km. The data was collected during 2021 in the Czech Republic and includes municipal and non-municipal trips. 


In this paper, we propose a framework for 3D human pose estimation using a single 360° camera mounted on the user's wrist. Perceiving a 3D human pose with such a simple setup has remarkable potential for various applications (e.g., daily-living activity monitoring, motion analysis for sports training). However, no existing method has tackled this task due to the difficulty of estimating a human pose from a single camera image in which only a part of the human body is captured, and because of a lack of training data.


This is the dataset associated with the IEEE-JBHI submission "Synthesizing Electrocardiograms With Atrial Fibrillation Characteristics Using Generative Adversarial Networks". This dataset contains 4,768 synthesized atrial fibrillation (AF)-like ECG signals stored in PhysioNet MAT/HEA format.