Abstract— In this research, a model for LTE network performance forecast during the rainy season was developed. During the rainy season, cellular network performance is greatly affected. optimization Engineers find it difficult to ascertain cellular (LTE) network parameters that negatively influences the network performance and make a performance prediction during the rainy season. In achieving this, an experimental approach was used to study network samples collected over the LTE network of MTTN in Lagos during the rainy season for a period of 48weeks.

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     A human-user study with ten healthy subjects provides this experimental setup. The experimental protocol consists in capturing kinematic data while subjects walk, with the donned H2 lower-limb exoskeleton, across seven experimental conditions: Subjects completed 7 trials each. There were 7 different trials, 3 with marks every 30, 45 and 60 cm on 3 separate 10 meter lanes.

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