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This supplementary material is helpful for the description of the experimental setup, and system ID testes, developed for this work. A complete set of pictures describing the whole experimental platform is available. A video with a general description of a control experiment for wave energy converters is included. In addition, a set of videos combining footages and time traces is available to describe the identification experience. This supplementary material provides a key description of the hardware considered in this experimental campaign.


This dataset has been collected in the Patient Recovery Center (a  24-hour,  7-day  nurse  staffed  facility)  with  medical  consultant   from  the  Mobile  Healthcare  Service of Hamad Medical Corporation.


Pressing demand of workload along with social media interaction leads to diminished alertness during work hours. Researchers attempted to measure alertness level from various cues like EEG, EOG, Video-based eye movement analysis, etc. Among these, video-based eyelid and iris motion tracking gained much attention in recent years. However, most of these implementations are tested on video data of subjects without spectacles. These videos do not pose a challenge for eye detection and tracking.