Surveillance video captured by Multi-intensity infrared illuminator.

GT(ground-truths) :bounding boxes of 'person' in channel 2,4 and 6 by following the Pascal VOC format.


Data are collected on a 5m×10msized test bed, which is set up at Kadir Has University,Istanbul. Wireless access points are located around the corners of the testbed and markers are placed at every 45 cm. RSSI measurements done on the grid shown in Figure are stored via NetSurveyor program running on a Lenovo IdeapadFLEX 4 laptop, which has an Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC8260 Wi-Fi adaptor.At each measurement point, RSSI data are collected for1 min with a sampling interval of 250 ms.


Data  are  collected  on  a  5m×10msized  test  bed,  which  is  set  up  at  Kadir  Has  University,Istanbul. Wireless access points are located around the cornersof  the  test  bed  and  markers  are  placed  at  every  45  cm.RSSI  measurements  done  on  the  grid  shown  in  Figure  2  arestored via NetSurveyor program running on a Lenovo IdeapadFLEX  4  laptop,  

which  has  an  Intel  Dual  Band  Wireless-AC8260 Wi-Fi adaptor.At  each  measurement  point,  RSSI  data  are  collected  for1  min  with  a  sampling  interval  of  250  ms.  XML file is read with MATLAB for data of full area and applied trajectory.


SDU-Haier-AQD (Shandong University-Haier-Appearance Quality Detection) is an image dataset jointly constructed by Shandong University and Haier, which contains a various of air conditioner external unit image collected during actual detection process.The  Appearance Quality Detection (AQD) dataset is consisted of 10449 images, and the samples in the dataset are collected on the actual industrial production line of air conditioner.


Computer vision in animal monitoring has become a research application in stable or confined conditions.

Detecting animals from the top view is challenging due to barn conditions.

In this dataset called ICV-TxLamb, images are proposed for the monitoring of lamb inside a barn.

This set of data is made up of two categories, the first is lamb (classifies the only lamb), the second consists of four states of the posture of lambs, these are: eating, sleeping, lying down, and normal (standing or without activity ).