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Datasets & Competitions

RITA (Resource for Italian Tests Assessment), is a new dataset of academic exam texts written in Italian by second-language learners for obtaining the CEFR certification of proficiency level.
In addition to the tests, RITA provides a variety of speech elements, annotations, and statistics, including phraseological units and their syntactic dependencies. The dataset consists of two corpora: one containing the task assignment and the other containing the texts elaborated by the learners in response to the assignment. This work describes the


Crowds express emotions as a collective individual, which is evident from the sounds that a crowd produces in particular events, e.g., collective booing, laughing or cheering in sports matches, movies, theaters, concerts, political demonstrations, and riots. Crowd sounds can be characterized by frequency-amplitude features, using analysis techniques similar to those applied on individual voices, where deep learning classification is applied to spectrogram images derived by sound transformations.