Mars Crater Segmentation Dataset

Mars Crater Segmentation Dataset

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Danielle DeLatte
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Wed, 05/29/2019 - 22:49
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This dataset is a companion to a paper, "Segmentation Convolutional Neural Networks for Automatic Crater Detection on Mars" by DeLatte et al. 2019. DOI link:


These are the segmentation target files for the three targets described in the paper: solid filled, thicker edge, and thinner edge. 


These files match with the tiles that can be downloaded from the THEMIS Daytime IR Global Mosaic:

Alternatively, this directory can be used for the download:

Use this file pattern to grab the tiles:

  • 0 to +30N: thm_dir_N00_*.png
  • -30N to 0: thm_dir_N-30_*.png 


Included here are three targets for the 24 tiles ±30º latitude, 0-360º longitude. (Each tile is 30º by 30º, 7680 x 7680 pixels, and has a resolution of 256 pixels per degree). Craters with 2-32km radius are included, as identified by the Robbins & Hynek global Mars dataset ( The original data file for the crater locations and parameters can be found here: 

Any arbitrary range of segmentation crater targets can be created using the file and python OpenCV.


To use for segmentation, download the corresponding THEMIS Daytime IR Global Mosaic tiles and this dataset can be used as the target images for segmentation. The filenames of the target files will match the filenames in the THEMIS Daytime IR Global Mosaic.


The file names for each type match the following patterns:

  • solid filled: thm_dir_N*_2_32_km_segrng.png
  • thicker edge (8): thm_dir_N*_2_32_km_segrng_8_edge.png
  • thinner edge (4): thm_dir_N*_2_32_km_segrng_4_edge.png

(segrng = segmentation range, referring to the 2-32 km radius range of craters in this dataset)

The numbers 4 and 8 above refer to the thickness parameter in python OpenCV. The circle drawing function is described here:




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