Any damage that affects the normal functioning of the lungs is termed as a lung disease,

which can prove fatal if not detected early. To address this challenge, two innovative techniques proposed

for the lung disease classification, supporting medical professionals to diagnose and provides preventive

measures at an early stage. The proposed Model 1 integrates a custom MobileNetV2L2 architecture, that

builds upon the MobileNetV2 framework through fine-tuning and customization. This model incorporates a


In order to contribute to the development of automatic methods for the detection of bacilli, TBimages is an image dataset composed of two subsets: TbImages_SS1 contains 10 images per field, of different focal depths, and aims to support the definition of autofocus metrics and also the development of extended focus imaging methods to facilitate the detection of bacilli in smear microscopy imaging.   TbImages_SS2  aims to support the development of automatic bacilli detection.