Data used for evaluation of the Chameleon system. We use it to evaluate capabilities of sensor fusion system that is able to adapot to multiple envrionemnts and monitor activity states within a room. The data set is divided by the two deployments and includes inforamtion for both of the sensors used to test the system. We include two weeks worth of data along with training and testing accuracy results. 


Extensive experimental measurement campaigns of more than 30,000 data points of end-to-end latency measurements for the following network architecture schemes is available:

  • Unlicensed IoT (standalone LoRa)
  • Cellular IoT (standalone LTE-M)
  • Concatenated IoT (LoRa interfaced with LTE-M)

Download to access all relevant files for the open data measurements.

Related Paper:


RPL is the de-facto IPv6-based routing protocol for the Internet of Things (IoT), where networks are mainly formed by sensors and other low capacity devices. However, RPL lacks scalability and is inefficient in any-to-any communications. In this article, we present IoTorii, a layer-two hierarchical protocol that creates routes based on a probe frame, instead of the computation of a distance vector, as in RPL.


To evaluate IoTorii, we implemented RPL and IoTorii in the OMNeT++ 5.2.1 simulator, with the INET 3.6.3 library. After validating IoTorii in OMNeT++, we developed both routing protocols using Contiki-NG which is a real Operating System (OS) for IoT devices. This Dataset includes data collected by OMNeT++ and Cooja simulators.

The Dataset includes two folders to store raw and chart data. The folder of raw data includes all data collected by the simulators. The folder of chart data includes data selected/aggregated by the raw data. Sub folders in this folder are categorized and named based on the simulations. Each sub folder includes three excel files to aggregate the raw data, and 3_plotData.xlsx includes the final data in the excel format, and all text files include the final data to be used as data tables in the TiKZ library of LaTeX.