Screening tools play a vital role in sensory processing disorder detection. The automatic collection of features related to behavioral parameters and the response to given stimuli is possible with the recent technology. Real time stress related health parameters are collected as response to visual stimuli created with experts’ suggestions based on visual sensory processing related questionnaire. Body temperature and heart rate are obtained by smart watch.


Re-curated Breast Imaging Subset DDSM Dataset (RBIS-DDSM) is a curated version of 849 images from the CBIS-DDSM dataset available online with a permissive copyright license (CC-BY-SA 3.0). The  CBIS-DDSM dataset is an improved version of the DDSM dataset. The authors of the CBIS-DDSM dataset attempted to improve the ground truth by applying simple image processing based methods to enhance the edges without any manual intervention from medical experts in order to segment and annotate masses. However, these annotations (segmentation maps) are inaccurate in most of the images.