PCB testing

During Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing, it is critical to dispense the correct amount of conductive glue on the substrate LCP surface before die attachment, as the dispensing of excessive or insufficient glue may cause defects through short circuits or weak die bonding. Therefore it is critical to monitor the amount of the dispensed glue during production.


This dataset contains laser scans of PCBs as explained in "Fault Diagnosis in Microelectronics Attachment via Deep Learning Analysis of 3D Laser Scans". On the left and right image, we have a closer look at one circuit
module of a PCB , before and after die attachment. Notice the different types of glue annotated as A, B, C, D and E. On each circuit there are four glue deposits on each type where approximately the same quantity of glue has been placed. As explained


Printed cirquit boards with charge coupled devices for on-chip lensless microscopes may be tested not in wetherometers and under solar simulators, but also under the experimental spectroreflectometric setup based on DATACOLOR 3890 with microphotometric and RS232-port-assisted data transfer into the PC memory.