SoC is an indicator of the charge remaining in a battery or it may be explained as an indicator of the difference in charge between a fully charged battery and when that battery is in operation. It is specified as a ratio of the remaining charge in a battery to the maximum charge that can be obtained from the battery. The upper and lower limits of the voltages of a battery are found to be depending on the chemistry of the battery. Sometimes it is higher or lower but in general, it is the span of about 1V from full charge to almost an empty condition of the battery.


<p>Abstract – This paper shows an overview of the recent developments in the field of Electric Vehicles (EVs), the integration of EVs and Smart Cars, the battery technology and the power electronics in EVs.&nbsp;Over the past decades, the automotive industry has faced growing challenges, including environmental concerns and the finite amount of fuel resources that mainly includes petrol and diesel. In response to these challenges, Electric Vehicles (EVs) have emerged as sustainable alternative, promising reduced emissions and increased energy efficiency.


This dataset includes figures related with the paper Dynamic Aggregation of Energy Storage Systems into Virtual Power Plants Using Distributed Real-time Clustering Algorithm.