Electric Vehicles (EVs) & Smart cars

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Government Polytechnic, Nagpur
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Pushpak Farkade
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Sun, 01/21/2024 - 01:08
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<p>Abstract – This paper shows an overview of the recent developments in the field of Electric Vehicles (EVs), the integration of EVs and Smart Cars, the battery technology and the power electronics in EVs.&nbsp;Over the past decades, the automotive industry has faced growing challenges, including environmental concerns and the finite amount of fuel resources that mainly includes petrol and diesel. In response to these challenges, Electric Vehicles (EVs) have emerged as sustainable alternative, promising reduced emissions and increased energy efficiency. The integration of smart car technologies has totally transformed vehicles into an intelligent entities capable of advanced functionalities. Talking about the Indian market, every automobile company, the Indian companies as well as the importers has atleast a couple of models in either EV or HEV form. This paper is to examine the development in the area and also about the immense engineering done in order to improvise the technology.</p>


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