UNSW_NB15 dataset

UNSW_NB15 dataset

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Nour Moustafa
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Wed, 10/16/2019 - 02:31
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One of the major research challenges in this field is the unavailability of a comprehensive network based data set which can reflect modern network traffic scenarios, vast varieties of low footprint intrusions and depth structured information about the network traffic. Evaluating network intrusion detection systems research efforts, KDD98, KDDCUP99 and NSLKDD benchmark data sets were generated a decade ago. However, numerous current studies showed that for the current network threat environment, these data sets do not inclusively reflect network traffic and modern low footprint attacks. Countering the unavailability of network benchmark data set challenges, this paper examines a UNSW-NB15 data set creation. This data set has a hybrid of the real modern normal and the contemporary synthesized attack activities of the network traffic. Existing and novel methods are utilised to generate the features of the UNSWNB15 data set


The raw network packets of the UNSW-NB 15 dataset was created by the IXIA PerfectStorm tool in the Cyber Range Lab of the Australian Centre for Cyber Security (ACCS) for generating a hybrid of real modern normal activities and synthetic contemporary attack behaviours. The Tcpdump tool is utilised to capture 100 GB of the raw traffic (e.g., Pcap files). This dataset has nine types of attacks, namely, Fuzzers, Analysis, Backdoors, DoS, Exploits, Generic, Reconnaissance, Shellcode and Worms. The Argus, Bro-IDS tools are used and twelve algorithms are developed to generate totally 49 features with the class label. The number of records in the training set is 175,341 records and the testing set is 82,332 records from the different types, attack and normal.

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