Indian Coin Denomination Dataset (ICDD)

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Yash Chauhan
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Sat, 01/01/2022 - 05:22
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This dataset is a collection of images and their respective labels containing multiple Indian coins of different denominations and their variations. The dataset only contains images of one side of each coin (Tail side) which contains the denomination value.

The samples were collected with the help of a mobile phone while the coins were placed on top of a white sheet of A4-sized paper.


The labels for each image were embedded in the name of the image file by following the convention "Label_Number", For example, the 28th sample of the five rupee class will be named "Five_28" and the 36th sample of the ten rupee class will be named "Ten_36".

The dataset is divided at three-level. First, the images are separated by the class, and then in the folder of each class, the images are divided into different coins, and finally, images of each coin are further divided into three folders based on the lighting condition in which the coin was sampled. For example, the 5th coin of the denomination "One Rupee" that was sampled in natural lighting will be placed inside the folder with the following relative path "Dataset/One/Coin 5/Natural Light". This structure is followed throughout the dataset.

The data is also available on Kaggle: (Indian Coin Denomination Dataset (ICDD) | Kaggle)