Datasets of Oxygen concentration measurements in ICU boxes at Faculty Hospital in Ostrava, Czech Republic

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VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, FEECS, Department of Cybernetics and Biomedical Engineering
VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, FEECS, Department of Cybernetics and Biomedical Engineering
VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, FEECS, Department of Cybernetics and Biomedical Engineering
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Martin Pies
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Wed, 11/08/2023 - 08:37
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This dataset contains measured data from five sensor modules designed for monitoring the oxygen concentration in the air in a hospital environment, especially in rooms where oxygen therapy can potentially occurs. This data is crucial from a safety point of view, as a higher oxygen concentration can increase the risk of fire development.

Sensor modules were placed at various locations of the Ostrava University Hospital in the Czech Republic. Sensor modules 1 to 4 were located in intensive care units (ICUs), while sensor module 5 was located in the nurses' office as a reference measurement point. The data was collected between January 28, 2021, and October 2023, providing a comprehensive data set from different seasons and periods.

The dataset contains information on atmospheric oxygen concentration, including outage data (data gaps) caused by various factors such as sensor technical problems or maintenance. Importantly, erroneous measurements were identified and removed from the dataset without replacement, ensuring data quality and reliability.

For easier use of the records, datasets from individual sensor modules were also generated.

The recording also includes an electronic scheme of the sensor module. More detailed information about the firmware for the module is available at the workplace of the author's collective.

This dataset can potentially be used for air quality analysis in hospital environments and for monitoring oxygen concentration in oxygen therapy rooms. It can also serve as a basis for the development of predictive models or systems for automatic monitoring and warning of potentially dangerous situations associated with oxygen concentration in hospitals.


The dataset contains a summary record of all measured data (file iqrf_fno_o2_0x27f_dataset.csv), where the most important columns are:

  • Ts – time stamp
  • Node – sensor module number
  • RSSI – signal strength of the sensor module
  • Temperature – air temperature in the monitored room
  • O2 – oxygen concentration in the monitored room
  • Vbatt – sensor module battery voltage

The other columns are irrelevant and are for debugging purposes only.

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Research Excellence For Region Sustainability and High-tech Industries (REFRESH) of the European Just Transition Fund; Development of Algorithms and Systems for Control, Measurement and Safety Applications IX of Student Grant System, VSB-TU Ostrava
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CZ.10.03.01/00/22_003/0000048; SP2023/009