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EEG consists of collecting information from brain activity in the form of electrical voltage. Epileptic Seizure prediction and detection is a major sought after research nowadays. This dataset contains data from 11 patients of whom seizures are observed in EEG for 2 patients.


The total duration of seizures is 170 seconds. The number of channels is 16 and data is collected at 256Hz sampling rate.


The final dataset files in .csv format contain 87040 rows x 17 columns,



Recent advances in computational power availibility and cloud computing has prompted extensive research in epileptic seizure detection and prediction. EEG (electroencephalogram) datasets from ‘Dept. of Epileptology, Univ. of Bonn’ and ‘CHB-MIT Scalp EEG Database’ are publically available datasets which are the most sought after amongst researchers. Bonn dataset is very small compared to CHB-MIT. But still researchers prefer Bonn as it is in simple '.txt' format. The dataset being published here is a preprocessed form of CHB-MIT. The dataset is available in '.csv' format.