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Ramirez Moreno

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The use of modern Mobile Brain-Body imaging techniques, combined with hyperscanning (simultaneous and synchronous recording of brain activity of multiple participants) has allowed researchers to explore a broad range of different types of social interactions from the neuroengineering perspective. In specific, this approach allows to study such type of interactions under an ecologically valid approach.

University level education is in constant evolution, making use of technological advancements in order to provide high quality pedagogical instruction to students. An important aspect of modern education is the contribution of Information Technologies,
as different technological resources can be implemented to provide education under a variety of teaching modalities. New learning modalities using modern technologies, such as dynamic lectures using live feedback from the students through wireless
Reliable fatigue assessment is desired in many different fields and environments. An efficient fatigue evaluation tool is promising in reducing fatal errors and economic loss in industrial settings. This dataset contains electroencephalographic (EEG) signals obtained
from an 8-channel OpenBCI headset, as well as biometric measurements obtained from the Empatica E4 wristband. Signals obtained from the E4 include: Photopletismography (PPG), heart rate, inter-beat interval (IBI), skin temperature and Electrodermic Activity