This dataset contains 1944 data, which are scanned by the HIS-RING PACT system.

the data sampling rate of our system is 40 MSa/s, a 128-elements 2.5MHz full-view ring-shaped transducer with 30mm radius. 

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本研究中使用的柑橘叶数据集来自 PlantVillage [24],用于以下方面的开放访问公共资源: 与农业有关的内容。数据集包括三种类型柑桔叶片:柑桔健康,柑桔HLB(黄龙病) 一般,柑橘HLB严重。原始数据集包含4577张柑橘叶片图像,分为三部分 分类


Computer vision in animal monitoring has become a research application in stable or confined conditions.

Detecting animals from the top view is challenging due to barn conditions.

In this dataset called ICV-TxLamb, images are proposed for the monitoring of lamb inside a barn.

This set of data is made up of two categories, the first is lamb (classifies the only lamb), the second consists of four states of the posture of lambs, these are: eating, sleeping, lying down, and normal (standing or without activity ).


SoftCast-based linear video coding and transmission (LVCT) schemes have been proposed as a promising alternative to traditional video coding and transmission schemes in wireless environments. Currently, the performance of LVCT schemes is evaluated by means of traditional objective scores such as PSNR or SSIM.


For more information, please refer to the following paper:

Anthony Trioux, Giuseppe Valenzise, Marco Cagnazzo, Michel Kieffer, François-Xavier Coudoux, et al., Subjective and Objective Quality Assessment of the SoftCast Video Transmission Scheme. 2020 IEEE International Conference on Visual Communications and Image Processing (VCIP), Dec 2020, Macau, China.

The SoftCast Quality-of-Experience Database consists of 5 RAW HD reference videos and 85 videos transmitted and received through the SoftCastlinear video coding and transmission scheme, each with a duration of 5 seconds. Note that only the luminance is considered in this database. Furthermore, the number of frames depends on the framerate of the video (125 frames for 25fps and 150frames for 30fps).

In order to generate several scenario of transmission, three parameters were considered: Two GoP-sizes (8 and 32 frames), two Compression Ratios (CR=1 and 0.25) and Channel Signal-to-Noise Ratio (CSNR varying from 0 to 30dB by 3dB step). This database was evaluated by 21 participants (8 women and 13 men). They were asked to score the quality of each received video sequence according to the original one on a numerical impairment scale [0-100]. A training session including 10 stimuli was organized for each observer prior to the test in order to familiarize them with the procedure, the specific artifacts of SoftCast as well as the impairment scale.

Video files are named using the following structure:

Video_filename_y_only_GoP_X_CR_Y_CSNR_ZdB.yuv where X equals either 8 or 32 frames, Y equals either 1 or 0.25 and Z either equals 0,3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30dB.

The original video files are denoted: Video_filename_y_only_ori.yuv.

Each video file is in *.yuv format (4:2:0) where the chrominance plans are all set to 128. (This process allows to perform the VMAF computation as VMAF requires either a yuv420p, yuv422p, yuv444p, yuv420p10le, yuv422p10le or yuv444p10le video format).

The subjective scores are available in the MOS_scores.xls file.

The objective scores (frame by frame) for each videos are available in the file.