Twitter data

The development of technology also influences changes in campaign patterns. Campaign activities are part of the process of Election of Regional Heads. The aim of the campaign is to mobilize public participation, which is carried out directly or through social media. Social media becomes a channel for interaction between candidates and their supporters. Interactions that occur during the campaign period can be one indicator of the success of the closeness between voters and candidates. This study aims to get the pattern of campaign interactions that occur on Twitter social media channels.

  • Machine Learning
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    Sun, 11/10/2019 - 04:05

    Collect Corona Virus related Tweets from here.

    Each database (*.db) contain three columns. First column: date and time of the tweet, second column: tweet, third column: sentiment score for the particular tweet within the range [-1,1] with -1 being the most negative, 0 being the neutral and +1 being the most positive sentiment.

  • Artificial Intelligence
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