Database of energy consumption (Eihop) and Transmission Power P0, resulting from the manipulation of the variables: Nb (Number of bits per frame), i (Number of hops to the destination) and d (Distance between origin and destination) in Tmote Sky device Ultra-low power IEEE 802.15.4 (Moteiv). DataSet used in the learning process, via Machine Learning, of the transmission behavior of this device.


This study presented six datasets for DNA/RNA sequence alignment for one of the most common alignment algorithms, namely, the Needleman–Wunsch (NW) algorithm. This research proposed a fast and parallel implementation of the NW algorithm by using machine learning techniques. This study is an extension and improved version of our previous work . The current implementation achieves 99.7% accuracy using a multilayer perceptron with ADAM optimizer and up to 2912 giga cell updates per second on two real DNA sequences with a of length 4.1 M nucleotides.