person identification

The dataset includes channel frequency response (CFR) data collected through an IEEE 802.11ax device for human activity recognition. This is the first dataset for Wi-Fi sensing with the IEEE 802.11ax standard which is the most updated Wi-Fi version available in commercial devices. The dataset has been collected within a single environment considering a single person as the purpose of the study was to evaluate the impact of communication parameters on the performance of sensing algorithms.


The human gait is unique and so is the impact of a walking human on the propagation of wireless signals within a wireless network. Using appropriate pattern recognition techniques, a person can thus be identified just from a time series of Received Signal Strength (RSS) measurements. This dataset holds bidirectional RSS measurements recorded within a mesh network of four Bluetooth sensor devices. During the measurements, a total of 14 subjects walked individually through the setup. A total of more than 10,000 recordings are provided.