Grid-connected photovoltaic systems

This dataset is created by an experimental setup of a DC-PV -Battery-based grid-connected distributed generation system. This dataset is split into four parts such as irradiance, and temperature, which were measured by a meteorological station, and lastly, PV output current and voltage acquired by an inverter. Furthermore, we can have a chance to obtain the output PV power by multiplying current and voltage. The dataset has 288 elements for one day as a time series since the station obtains the data within five minutes. However, the whole dataset has three days of data with 864 elements.


This dataset contains (1) the Simulink model of a three-phase photovoltaic power system with passive anti-islanding protections like over/under current (OUC), over/under voltage (OUV), over/under frequency (OUF), rate of change of frequency (ROCOF), and dc-link voltage and (2) the results in the voltage source converter and the point of common coupling of the photovoltaic system during islanding operation mode and detection times of analyzed anti-islanding methods.