Complex Networks

Quantification and analysis of global oil trade networks reveals deep insights into a nation's development and influence at a global scale. Further, it allows us to predict future trends and changes to adapt state policy as the crude oil market influences the balance of power among the developed and emerging economies alike as it is central for energy needs as well for industrial progress.


Over the past few years YouTube has became a popular site for video broadcasting and earning money by publishing various different skills in the form of videos. For some people it has become a main source to earn money. Getting the videos trending among the viewers is one of the major tasks which each and every content creator wants. Popularity of any video and its reach to the audience is completely based on YouTube's Recommendation algorithm. This document is a dataset descriptor for the dataset collected over the time span of about 45 days during the Israel-Hamas War


The dataset is a collection of 27 complex networks with varying properties. All networks are scale free and/or small-world in nature and are either small or medium sized. Therefore, this dataset is specifically gathered to perform experiments on complex networks which do NOT belong to the big data category. Below is the complete list of graphs included and their description. The dataset was collected to run experiments for IMine framework, which is in pre-publication stage.