Dataset for OPEC Crude Oil Trade Network

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Vilas Roy
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Thejas T
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Thu, 01/18/2024 - 05:54
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Quantification and analysis of global oil trade networks reveals deep insights into a nation's development and influence at a global scale. Further, it allows us to predict future trends and changes to adapt state policy as the crude oil market influences the balance of power among the developed and emerging economies alike as it is central for energy needs as well for industrial progress. This document is a dataset descriptor for the dataset of crude oil exports from OPEC nations to importing nations/regions from a period of (2016-2022) structured for easy formation of nodes and edges sourced from various sources referenced below also it contains the average closing price per barrel and the global demand of crude oil during a fiscal year to note and understand complex relations between the global oil trade.


The dataset here has contains information of the crude oil trade volumes from 11 OPEC exporting nations of Algeria, Angola, Congo,Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, IR Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia to the 13 importing nations/regions The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Americas, OECD Europe, OECD Asia Pacific, China, India, Other Asia, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Russia, Other Eurasia, Other Europe from a period of (2016-2022) for every year we have the corresponding average closing price of per barrel and the demand in (mb/d) . These information together offers deeper insights on how individual nations trade and manage their resources and wealth


Can i see the dataset?

Submitted by Kumari Simran on Wed, 01/24/2024 - 17:42

Hii, you can contact me using email ID in data descriptor paper

Submitted by Saumya Roy on Sun, 01/28/2024 - 04:03