WiFi (CSI and RSSI) Data of Six Basic Knife Activities for Cooking (chopping, cubing, French cutting, julienning, mincing, and slicing)

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Ghosian Moghaddam
University of Ottawa
Ali Asghar
Nazari Shirehjini
University of Ottawa
University of Ottawa
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Majid Ghosian M...
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Tue, 04/18/2023 - 14:59
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To gather the dataset, we asked two participants to perform six basic knife activities. The layout of the system experiment is provided in Fig. 4. As it illustrates, we put the receiver on the right side and the ESP32 transceiver on the left side of the performing area. The performing area is a cutting board (30 x 46 cm) in this experiment. Each participant performs each activity five times in the performing area. The data is recorded using a customized version of ESP32-CSI-tool [38] on the laptop that helps us to record and save each data in a separate file. After recording all 60 data entries, we used a python code to extract the clean data from all generated text by the tool. The clean data is stored in a database and creates the dataset.


Use the attached Python file to load the RSSI and CSI data from the dataset