Transients in transmission lines connected with DFIG based Wind Farms (Dataset)

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This data set consists of 3-phase currents of faults and other transient cases for transmission lines connected with DFIG-based Wind Farms. PSCAD/EMTDC software is used for the simulation of the faults and other transients.

DFIG-based wind farms are becoming more and more grid-integrated. It is necessary to analyze the faults in the transmission lines that are connected to these wind farms. 11520 faults (DFIG) and 2400 other transient cases are simulated on PSCAD/EMTDC. The other transients are capacitor and load switching cases. The system model consists of AC sources, transmission lines, type-3 wind farm, and 3-phase loads in IEEE 9-bus system working at 60Hz.

Fault data are also obtained for high impedance faults, evolving faults, cross-country faults, faults in case of wind farm connected to weak grid; faults with CT saturation, faults in presence of phase shift transformer, TCSC, double circuit lines, and type-4 wind farm; and faults with change in wind farm units. Faults are simulated for IEEE 39-bus system.


There are 17 folders. The files are in ”.txt” format. Each file has 3 columns for phase a, b, and c phase currents.
Tables I and II show the variables and values for faults and other transients for the type-3 wind farm in IEEE 9-bus system. Tables III shows the variables and values for faults for the type-3 wind farm in IEEE 39-bus system.

Each text file has 1766 rows. Each cycle equals 128 rows (16.67ms is one cycle). The faults and transients occur at 11.0 secs (row no. 767) from the start of each simulation case for faults and transients.

The files contain data from 10.9 to 11.13 seconds which is a duration of 0.23 seconds, with the first row corresponding to 10.9 seconds and the last row to 11.13 seconds.

The folder “fault type classification type3 for 9bus data” has 11520 files for classification of faults in 10 fault types.

The  folders “noise 9bus faults and no-faults 20dB data” and "noise 9bus faults and no-faults 30dB data" has (11520 + 2400) files with 20dB and 30dB noise each.