Implementation of VOR receiver with the RTL-SDR

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R. Mello
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Rafael Mello
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Thu, 11/08/2018 - 10:34
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A VOR receiver based on Software-Defined Radio is presented. Experiments showed that the system indicated the radials of the VOR station of São José dos Campos with an average error rate of less than 1% and a standard deviation of less than 2.14% in relation to those calculated cartographically. The results suggest that low volume and weight SDR-based VOR receivers can be developed with processing on microcontrollers or FPGAs to equip drones that need to operate in aerodrome environments.



Make sure your RTL-SDR is installed and plugged in.

Press 'run' and answer the two questions that will appear on the screen.

I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for reading my work!