High quality sound amplification technology - DataSet

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Oksang Jin
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Wed, 07/17/2019 - 19:31
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This Group aims to improve the sound characteristics of the output signal from the audio viewpoint when the silicon transistor is used in the acoustic amplifier circuit in the acoustical equipment field.When using a silicon transistor in an acoustic amplifier circuit, the sound output is known to be cool, rough, sharp, and not abundant. So audio enthusiasts still like amplifiers that use vacuum tubes. Audio enthusiasts have an excellent ability to judge sound quality because of their ability to listen to sound.So this Group shows how to remove the insufficient sound characteristics of the silicon transistor and improve it with the sound of the tube.We will discuss the process of making this part by applying this improvement method, and finally make it a real part.

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Notes on prototype products. 

The prototypes posted in this group are intended to be used for review to proceed with the project. It is inappropriate to use it for real life purposes.

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