Assembly Audio System ( ASSM AUDIO) - Project 1

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Oksang Jin
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Sun, 12/22/2019 - 03:47
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We propose a new concept audio system, It is an audio system with slots for inserting function units in one main body. It is a group for producing the first product for standardization. (Network audio player, DDC, DAC, PHONO equalizer, PRE Amplifier, POWER Amplifier, POWER SUPPLY, etc.)    The internal main board has slots for inserting the unit, and the corresponding unit can be installed and replaced with another compatible unit.  Function units are made in card format and can be upgraded or replaced with other branded products in the future. You can choose not to install them selectively, but you can install them later. Units are less costly than single-unit audio equipment because there is no case, and the finished product is very low in price. Each unit is unique in many vendors, can be upgraded to new units, is compact, has only the necessary functions, and is easy to use.

The original written in Korean has been included.  

Among the published materials, there is a way to deal with errors when generating BOM files from the PCB design file (Kicad). 
After downloading the Kicad data file, the Kicad data file name and directory name must not contain spaces. 
Please change the space of downloaded data file name to "-" or "_".



Notes on prototype products. 

The prototypes posted in this group are intended to be used for review to proceed with the project. It is inappropriate to use it for real life purposes.

Prototypes posted in this group are not fully operational and safety tested. I have made the product and made the data by judging within my knowledge range. I am not responsible for any damage or damage caused by this prototype product.

Please review the materials before production and make them.