Context Aware Review dataset

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McMaster University
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Qiyin Fang
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Sat, 03/19/2022 - 15:35
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Context awareness is an emerging field in pervasive computing with applications that have started to emerge in medical systems. The present work seeks to determine which contexts are important for medical applications and what various domains of context aware applications exist in healthcare. Methods: A systematic scoping review of context aware medical systems currently being used in healthcare settings was conducted. A search strategy was designed and applied to 8 databases, articles were then filtered based on their abstract, and then relevant articles had a screening questionnaire applied to their full texts prior to data extractions. Applications were grouped into context aware healthcare application domains based on past reviews and the results of the screening. Results: A total of 23 articles passed all screening levels and underwent data extraction. The most common contexts used were the user location (8/23 studies), demographic info (5/23 studies), movement status/activity level (6/23 studies), time of day (5/23 studies), phone usage patterns (5/23 studies), lab/vitals (7/23 studies), and patient history data (8/23 studies). Conclusions: The present work demonstrates that context aware healthcare applications are still in their infancy but have started to reach healthcare providers and patients. Significance: The present work has illuminated many of the early successful context aware healthcare applications. Additionally, the pivotal contexts leveraged by these systems have been discovered allowing future systems to focus on prioritizing the integration of these key contexts.


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1. Search code used in the Springer search database

2. All search results (searchresultsspringerall.xls

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