Artefact-free and distorted capnogram segments

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This dataset has been employed in the following articles:

The dataset comprises 100 clean and 100 distorted segments acquired from recorded capnogram signals. The time duration of each segment is 15 seconds, and hence each .txt file contains 300 CO2 sample value becuase the sampling rate of the capnography device is 20 samples/sec.  


Each text file is given a name according to whether it contains a regular (artefact-free) or irregular (distorted) capnogram segment. For example the ninth distorted segment is given the name: Sample_9_irregular.txt 


Each text file contains 300 CO2 sample values, and the time duration between each  two consecutive samples is 0.05 s because the sampling rate of the employed capnography device is 20 samples/sec.


Submitted by Ismail M. EL-BADAWY on Sat, 01/15/2022 - 03:38