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130 videos are available, captured in Patras, Greece, displaying drivers in real cars, moving under nighttime conditions where drowsiness detection is more important.The participating drivers are: 11 males and 10 females with different features (hair color, beard, glasses, etc). The videos are split in 2 categories:


Objective: Analyzing human motion is essential for diagnosing movement disorders and guiding rehabilitation for conditions like osteoarthritis, stroke, and Parkinson's disease. Optical motion capture systems are the standard for estimating kinematics, but the equipment is expensive and requires a predefined space. While wearable sensor systems can estimate kinematics in any environment, existing systems are generally less accurate than optical motion capture.


This database has been developed with reference to the problem of gesture recognition. It contains inertial data related to five gestures: 1) Up: sharp movement upwards, 2) Down: sharp movement downwards, 3) Circle: movement in a circular shape, 4) Left: sharp movement to the left, 5) Right: sharp movement to the right. Data have been recorded with a smartwatch, namely Samsung Gear S, worn on right wrist.