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This data set contains information on cardiopulmonary signals that were recorded simultaneously. The signals are separated into two folders, one titled heart sounds and the other lung sounds. In addition, two matlab programs are included, one with which the signals can be recorded and another to make graphs in time and frequency. It also has a pdf file that details the nomenclature of the signals.

This data set can be useful for various signal processing algorithms: filtering, PCA, LDA, ICA, CNN, etc.


The power flow is usually formulated by nonlinear equations and may present multiple solutions. However, most of these solutions do not represent a practical situation but are mathematical findings. Remarkably, in unbalanced multiphase systems with impedance-grounded loads, a phenomenon can occur where two or more solutions may especially show practical significance. These solutions are called operationally-stable solutions (solutions which for a given loading level the nodal voltages, currents, and losses are feasible) and may be obtained in Distribution Systems (DS).