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Purpose is to describe the dynamics of the COVID19 pandemics accounting for the mitigation measures, for the introduction or removal of the quarantine, and for the effect of vaccination when and if introduced.

Methods include the derivation of the Pandemic Equation describing the mitigation measures via the evolution of the growth time constant in the Pandemic Equation resulting in an asymmetric pandemic curve with a steeper rise than a decrease.


I have prepared the dataset for this tutorial which you can download from here. This dataset contains around 3000 handgun images with their bounding box labels distributed in 2 folders: images and labels


Endoscopy is a widely used clinical procedure for the early detection of cancers in hollow-organs such as oesophagus, stomach, and colon. Computer-assisted methods for accurate and temporally consistent localisation and segmentation of diseased region-of-interests enable precise quantification and mapping of lesions from clinical endoscopy videos which is critical for monitoring and surgical planning. Innovations have the potential to improve current medical practices and refine healthcare systems worldwide.

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