Arc Flash Phenomena

Arc Flash Phenomena

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This set of data provides test results for designers and facility operators to apply in determining the arc-flash hazard distance and the incident energy to which employees could be exposed during their work on or near electrical equipment. 


In order to accurately predict the response time for protective devices, the arcing current and all other variables, please refer to IEEE Std 1584-2018 IEEE Guide for Performing Arc-Flash Hazards Calculations and manufacturer’s written documentation.

The IEEE Std 1584-2018 IEEE Guide for Performing Arc-Flash Hazards Calculations includes a description of all test programs and a collection of the test data that have been used in the development of such consensus based document. 

All test were conducted at high power laboratories for the purpose of developing an understanding of the electrical characteristics of arc flashes and the resultant incident energy. Such test results, as stored in this IEEE DataPort tool could be used to develop empirically based equations or to verify physical model based equations.


Dear Sir / Madam,


I am working on Arc flash calculation per IEEE 1584 and would like to review dataset.

Could you please provide access.


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The Arc Flash dataset is available through IEEE DataPort.  Please go to the dataset page and look on the right hand side of the page to locate the dataset files.  Please remember that you must be logged in to IEEE DataPort and be a subscriber.   If you are not yet an IEEE DataPort subscriber, go to and sign up.  Use coupon code DATAPORT1 at checkout to get a free subscription!  You will then be able to access the dataset, download it or access it directly in the cloud.  

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