Tennessee Eastman simulation dataset

Tennessee Eastman simulation dataset

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xiaolu chen
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Sun, 06/09/2019 - 21:55
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Tenessee Eastman (TE) process simulates actual chemical processes and is widely used as a benchmark in test fault diagnosis and process control. The overall process consists of five operating units: reactor, condenser, vapor-liquid separator, recycle compressor and product stripper. It has standard training and test data sets for fault detection and diagnosis, classification, etc. Each data set is under different operating conditions。


Based on the actual chemical reaction process, Eastman Chemical Company of the United States developed the open and challenging chemical model simulation platform - Tennessee Eastman (TE) simulation platform, which produces data with time-varying, strong coupling and nonlinear characteristics, widely used in Test control and fault diagnosis models for complex industrial processes. The entire TE data set consists of a training set and a test set. The data in the TE set consists of 22 different simulation run data, and each sample in the TE set has 52 observed variables. d00.dat to d21.dat are training set samples, and d00_te.dat to d21_te.dat are test set samples.


Easy to use, this is a great standard dataset.

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