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Datasets & Analysis

Dataset used in the article "The Reverse Problem of Keystroke Dynamics: Guessing Typed Text with Keystroke Timings". Source data contains CSV files with dataset results summaries, false positives lists, the evaluated sentences, and their keystroke timings. Results data contains training and evaluation ARFF files for each user and sentence with the calculated Manhattan and euclidean distance, R metric, and the directionality index for each challenge instance.


Dataset used in the article "On the shape of timing distributions in free text keystroke dynamics profiles". Contains CSV files with the timing features (hold times and flight times) of every keypress in three free text datasets used in previous studies, by the author (LSIA) and two other unrelated groups (KM from and PROSODY, subdivided in GAY, GUN, and REVIEW). The timing features are grouped by dataset, user, task, virtual key code, and feature. Two different languages are represented, Spanish in LSIA and English in KM and PROSODY.