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A PSCAD simulation model of direct-drive wind farm connected to the grid via VSC-HVDC is provided. Because there are a large number of power electronic devices and complex multi-time scale control links in the system, there is mutual coupling between power electronic devices or between power electronic devices and the power grid, which may lead to the risk of oscillation in the wide-band range from several hertz to hundreds of hertz.



The converter controller of wind turbine presents capacitive impedance characteristics with negative resistance at subsynchronous frequencies. When it is connected to weak AC power grid, it will form an LC resonant circuit with system-side inductance, and generate sub-/super-synchronous oscillations due to negative damping effect. A PSCAD simulation model of direct-drive wind farm connected to AC power grid is provided to study the above phenomenon.



A typical model of doubly-fed wind farm connected to the grid through series compensation is provided, which can be used to study subsynchronous oscillation(SSO). LC resonance may occur between the stator inductance and the capacitance in the 500kV line. At some frequencies, the equivalent resistance of the rotor is negative, and the proportional factor of the inner current loop of the rotor-side converter(RSC) will amplify the negative resistance, resulting in unstable subsynchronous control interaction(SSCI) in the system.



This data includes instantaneous signal data from simulated subsynchronous oscillations and from actual SSO events.

The simulation system for data 1 is that a wind turbine with Doubly-fed Induction Generator (DFIG) is connected to a parallel compensator and then through a weak transmission line to the power grid, the sub-synchronous resonance occurs between the DFIG and the parallel compensator when the wind speed drops. This kind of SSO only contains the sub-synchronous oscillation component;


*This datasheet is being updated progressively to provide more details.

This datasheet provides the phasor measurement data in actual power systems.

These PMU data were recorded during a Low Frequency Oscillation incident and a Short Circuit Incident, respectively.

These PMU data are used for the studies in wide-area control systems (WACS) and PMU data compressions.

Please cite this datasheet and the papers in your work if they help.