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This dataset presents a comprehensive video collection of Internet of Things (IoT) products, encompassing both market successes and failures. Its primary focus is to explore the vision, technology, and capabilities of these IoT innovations, recognizing that products not viable today might inspire or become feasible in the future due to advancements in technology and reductions in manufacturing costs. The collection is particularly valuable for a wide array of stakeholders in IoT, including educators, researchers, product designers, and manufacturers.


Smart homes contain programmable electronic devices (mostly IoT) that enable home automation. People who live in smart homes benefit from interconnected devices by controlling them either remotely or manually/autonomously. However, high interconnectivity comes with an increased attack surface, making the smart home an attractive target for adversaries. NCC Group and the Global Cyber Alliance recorded over 12,000 attacks to log into smart home devices maliciously. Recent statistics show that over 200 million smart homes can be subjected to these attacks.