High Bandwidth On-Board DC Voltage and Current Measurements of the Main Inverter of an Electric Vehicle

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Technische Universität Berlin - Department of Power Electronics
Technische Universität Berlin - Department of Power Electronics
Technische Universität Berlin - Department of Power Electronics
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Michael Schlueter
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Thu, 10/28/2021 - 11:04
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The dataset contains high bandwidth voltage and current measurements of the main inverter of an electric vehicle. They were acquired from a Mercedes-Benz E-Vito on a testing ground in many different Operation Points (OP) listed in the following table:

File Name Number (OP)
00_zero_power_10ms_div.hdf5 000, 001
01_idle_power_10ms_div.hdf5 002, 087
02_full_torque_10ms_div.hdf5 0 km/h: 003 - 010
10 km/h: 011
20 km/h: 012, 081 - 086
30 km/h: 013
40 km/h: 014
50 km/h: 015
60 km/h: 016, 017
65 km/h: 018
03_full_recup_10ms_div.hdf5 65 km/h: 025; 026 - 033
60 km/h: 024
50 km/h: 023
40 km/h: 022
30 km/h: 021
20 km/h: 020
10 km/h: 019
0 km/h: 080
04_const_speed_10ms_div.hdf5 10 km/h: 034 - 053
20 km/h: 054 - 061
30 km/h: 062 - 074
40 km/h: 076 - 079
05_random_drive_10ms_div.hdf5 088 - 234
06_random_drive_100ms_div.hdf5 241 - 317
07_random_drive_backwards_100ms_div.hdf5 318 - 335
08_random_drive_100ms_div.hdf5 342 - 464
09_transient_500ms_div.hdf5 236 - 240
10_transient_500ms_div.hdf5 336 - 338
11_transient_5s_div.hdf5 339
12_transient_2s_div.hdf5 340
13_breaking_200ms_div.hdf5 341

All data are digitized using a 4-channel oscilloscope with a manual trigger. The binary data are parsed and sorted into HDF5 files [4], which are listed in the table above. A python example for data processing is included in the repository. If a speed is given, it is taken manually from the speedometer of the car.
The size of the testing ground limited the maximum speed to 65 km/h. For static operation points, multiple measurements are taken for redundancy purposes. For some transient operation, repetitions were necessary if speed did not match the target value.
At the beginning (OP 000), the battery was fully charged (User State of Charge (SoC) 100%), the ambient temperature was about 10°C and the altitude was 50 m above sea level. The file names indicate the action of the operation point, e.g., zero power, full torque, full recuperation etc. The full torque measurements were taken at full throttle, and for the full recuperation measurements the brake pedal was pressed until the power indicator in the car showed maximum “CHARGE”.
The number of the OPs show the consecutive order of the measurements. The vehicle was not charged in between, leading to a decreasing State of Charge (SoC).
The file names also indicate the time resolution settings of the oscilloscope. The time resolution setting of the oscilloscope was set to maximum: 10 ms per division is related to sampling time of 8 ns or a sampling frequency of 125 MHz. The metadata is included in each dataset as attributes with name-value pairs. The python example included in the repository contains an info-section which displays all attributes/metadata of a dataset. With increasing measurement time, the sampling time also increases.

Technical Data:
- Oscilloscope: LeCroy HDO4054A; bandwidth (-3dB) DC – 500 Mhz; 12-bits; sample rate (Repetitive) 125 GS/s; memory length 12.5 Mpts/ch [1]
- Differential voltage probe V1: Testec TT-SI 9101; bandwidth (-3dB) DC – 100 MHz [2] -> DC+ to DC-
- Current sensor I1: PEM CWT3; bandwidth (-3dB) 6.2 Hz – 30 MHz [3] -> DC+
- Current sensor I2: PEM CWT6; bandwidth (-3dB) 3.2 Hz – 30 MHz [3] -> DC-
- Current sensor I3: Tektronix A6304XL; 500 A AC/DC current probe; bandwidth (-3dB) DC to ≥ 2 MHz [4] -> DC+ @shielded cable
- Electric Vehicle: Mercedes-Benz 639/4 - E-Vito, 60 kW (70 kW boost), 300 Nm, 2318 kg (G) / 2940 kg (max), vmax: 89 km/h, battery: 32 kWh (brutto 36 kWh) [5]

[1] Teledyne LeCroy, “HDO4000A High Definition Oscilloscopes (200 MHz - 1 GHz) Datasheet,” 2019. [Online]. Available: http://cdn.teledynelecroy.com/files/pdf/hdo4000a-oscilloscopes-datasheet...
[2] Testec, “TT_SI-9101: Instruction Manual,” [Online]. Available: https://www.testec.de/en/assets/pdf/TT-SI/TT-SI-9101_Manual_EN.pdf
[3] PEM, “CWT Ultra Mini,” 2018. [Online]. Available: http://www.pemuk.com/Userfiles/CWTum%2030MHz/CWT%20Ultra-mini_0518(Web).pdf
[4] Tektronix Inc., “A6304XL 500 Amp AC/DC Current Probe Instructions,” [Online]. Available: https://de.tek.com/manual/a6304xl-500-amp-ac-dc-current-probe
[5] Europäische Gemeinschaft - Bundesrepublik Deutschland, “Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil 1 (registration certificate part 1),” Jun. 2010.


The dataset consists of 14 hdf5 files containing the measured data. In addition, there are two python examples on how to handle the data and plot same results, and one readme file.
The hdf5 dataset can be accessed with many different tools like matlab, octave or python. If you want to use the python example, you must place the python-file and the dataset in the same folder. A recent version of python (it was tested with Python 3.9.2) with the following packages is needed: h5py; matplotlib; numpy; random; os; sys and scipy.

Python demo:
There are two python example demos to read and plot the hdf5 datasets included:
The first one reads a single operation point and plots the data in the time and frequency domain. (import_hdf5_plot_single_demo.py)
The second one reads one dataset and calculates the short time Fourier transformation of all operations points in the dataset and plots a spectrogram. (import_hdf5_plot_dataset_demo.py)
The demo is made as an example on how to handle the data and can be used for further analysis.
The datasets can also be accessed via matlab/octave, but therefore I refer to the online support.
If you have any further question about the dataset, please contact the author.


A paper was published on the 2021 IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference (VPPC) and is now available on IEEE Xplore:
High Bandwidth On-Board DC Voltage and Current Measurements of the Main Inverter of an Electric Vehicle
DOI: 10.1109/VPPC53923.2021.9699260

Submitted by Michael Schlueter on Sat, 02/19/2022 - 12:45