EchoBERT echo dataset

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Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Institute of Marine Research
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Haakon Maaloy
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Mon, 10/18/2021 - 08:17
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The dataset consists of echo data collected at the Matre research station (61°N) of the Institute of Marine Research (IMR), Norway. Six square sea cages (12 × 12 m and 15 m depth; approximately 2000 m^3) were used. The fish's vertical distribution and density were observed continuously by a PC-based echo integration system (CageEye MK IV, software version 1.1.1., CageEye AS, Steinkjer, Norway) connected to an upward facing transducer which multiplexes between 50 kHz (42° acoustic beam angle) and 200 kHz (14° beam angle). All six cages were respectively monitored by one CageEye transducer positioned at 18 m depth (below the cage bottom) and directed towards the cage center. The dataset was recorded and permitted for use by the project Echofeeding (RCN 267815). 


The 1-6 are named 15.1-15.6 respectively. There are some header columns indicating date and time, which can be removed. The depth is along the x-axis in the .csv files, thus the data need to be rotated to get a proper visualization.

1. Unzip data to a folder

2. Import data using pandas (python) or equivalent.

3. Remove the first header columns.

4. Log scale the data.

5. Rotate the data.