GPS spoofing and jamming are common attacks against the UAV, however, conducting these experiments for research can be difficult in many areas. This dataset consists of a logs from a benign flight as well as one where the UAV experiences GPS spoofing and jamming. The Keysight EXG N5172B signal generator is used to provide the true coordinates as a location in Shanghai, China.


PX4 Autopilot v1.11.3 ( is used for all experiments, running on Pixhawk 4 flight controller (PX4_FMU_V5) and Pixhawk GPS receiver. The UAV frame is the Holybro S500. QGroundControl (v4.0.9) is used for GCS ( 

Full flight data is contained in ULOG files (

CSV files are obtained by conversion using the ulog2csv script (


These are OMNeT++ flooding simulation results of four-UAV FANET in three different topologies, as mentioned in "The Broadcast Storm Problem in FANETs and the Dynamic Neighborhood-Based Algorithm as a Countermeasure".

Please, check the paper for more information.


Raw results are packaged in the 7zip file and were generated using OMNeT++ 5.0. They are all UTF-8 encoded text files.

OMNeT++ raw results (with extension .sca, .vci, and .vec) are named as the following scheme:

T [#topology] - [#replication]

where #topology ranges from 1 to 3, and #replication ranges from 0 to 9. See the paper to understand those values.

CSV files contain list of sent and received messages.



If you want to check the integrity of the downloaded files, consider the following MD5 hashes:

2a78e9daaa2c6c925f88234d930d8535 *results-flooding-fixed-topologies (CSV files).zip

c5bd4ab10430cb6466220fb1f2777cb2 *results-flooding-fixed-topologies (raw files).7z