Power Engineering

This dataset contains (1) the Simulink model of a three-phase photovoltaic power system with passive anti-islanding protections like over/under current (OUC), over/under voltage (OUV), over/under frequency (OUF), rate of change of frequency (ROCOF), and dc-link voltage and (2) the results in the voltage source converter and the point of common coupling of the photovoltaic system during islanding operation mode and detection times of analyzed anti-islanding methods.


Research on Optimizing the Integration of Renewable Energy Sources into the Electrical Power Systems

In this project one model the photovoltaic and wind power sources in order to analyze how to optimally integrate them in the electrical power systems. Integration requirements like transient regimes associated with fault occurrence, identification of the electrical power systems responsible for disturbances, and optimization of the integration are focus points of the research.