Medical Image Processing

The MalariaSD dataset encompasses diverse stages and classes of malaria parasites, including Plasmodium falciparum, Plasmodium malariae, Plasmodium vivax, and Plasmodium ovale, categorized into four phases: ring, schizont, trophozoite, and gametocyte.


The morphological characteristics of skeletal muscles, such as fascicle orientation, fascicle length, and muscle thickness, contain valuable mechanical information that aids in understanding muscle contractility and excitation due to commands from the central nervous system. Ultrasound (US) imaging, a non-invasive measurement technique, has been employed in clinical research to provide visualized images that capture morphological characteristics. However, accurately and efficiently detecting the fascicle in US images is challenging.


Ovarian cancer is among the top health issues faced by women everywhere in the world . Ovarian tumours have a wide range of possible causes. Detecting and tracking down these cancers in their early stages is difficult which adds to the difficulty of treatment. In most cases, a woman finds out she has ovarian cancer after it has already spread. In addition, as technology in the field of artificial intelligence advances, detection can be done at an earlier level. Having this data will assist the gynaecologist in treating these tumours as soon as possible.